Accessibility Information

Accessibility is an ongoing issue and can never truly be said to have “finished.” It is the policy of Chattanooga State Community College that our efforts to remain in compliance with state and federal civil rights legislation, to meet the Accessibility standards designated by our governing body The College System of Tennessee, and to provide reasonable accommodations for the individual needs of all students, faculty, and staff, shall always be earnest and sufficient for

Digital Accessibility

Chattanooga State is committed to making accessible to all users and we have included several features, in accordance with the college's Digital Accessibility Policy, designed to improve usability for everyone. We welcome comments on how to improve the site's usability and accessibility for all users including persons with disabilities. If you should find any usability or accessibility issues during your visit to our site please take the time to notify us of the issue using this Report a Website Issue form. In order to respond in a manner most helpful to you, please note the nature of your usability/accessibility concern, the webpage address of the issue, and the best way to contact you. We thank you in advance for helping Chattanooga State maintain a website that is usable by everyone.

Campus Accessibility

In addition to the Digital Accessibility Policy, Chattanooga State's Disability Support Services seeks to meet the on-campus needs of students with disabilities by providing appropriate accommodations that create equal opportunities. This allows students to demonstrate their abilities at the college, and to have equal access to programs and activities. Click here to learn more about the specific DSS policies, forms, resources, and guidelines.